Friday, May 14, 2010

Bruce Lee Said "Be Like Water; See with Your Skin"

"Be like water," Bruce Lee said, "see with your skin."
Be like water, I imagine, flow around obstructions.
Be like water; refresh, then go your way.
Be like water: shimmering, gentle, powerful, awe-inspiring.

Every time I look at this necklace I think of water,
of the sea, of water's ability to move without effort,
of water's ability to change color to mirror the sky.

This abalone pendant catches the dance of water,
it's music, both gentle and strong.

Water has moods, without moodiness.
Water replenishes perfectly.
Water is a treasure we take for granted.

This necklace could be a talisman to remind one of several things:
to protect one's resources, and to protect the Earth,
to flow without effort, without stress around difficulty,
to shine and move as you are intended,
and to be like water.
[Click here to see necklace on Etsy.]

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