Sunday, December 28, 2008


(Updated January 1, 2009)

I am exploring the sacred in the every day, in the lives of those who commission the pieces, the mysterious universe, and my own relationship to form and spirit. 

The slide show, which I will be improving in time, features a few of my creations.  Above right is a close up of an image of Santa Marta, commissioned by Peg Edera, who will be adding her review to the comments here. If you want to see my etsy store, please clink on the sidebar link.  

I have made altars honoring such diverse characters as Frida Kahlo, The Virgin of Guadalupe, Emma Goldman, The Spirit of Crater Lake, Four Winds Woman, The Angel of Broken Things and Our Lady of the Fragile Earth. 

Please contact me if you want to know more about the stories of saints, who might be your patron saint or sage and why that is helpful to know.  I will be delighted to reply.

ALL CREATED CONTENT IS COPYRIGHTED & remains the sole property of the artist:
Claire Germain Nail 2009.