Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ode to Earrings

Oh, tiny pendants, perfect pearls,
glittering gold,
shimmering silver,
beads bobbing bright,
how you dance around my head!

Earrings, you enhance 
with so little effort,
just swing from my ears,
like stars fallen from last night's dream.
I love thee so!

But oft I have lost thee,
only to find another pair,
just as lovely to entrance.
Ears are fickle, as I am.
And earrings are 

Very silly, but sincere. I love earrings.  Come see the new ones in the earrings that sparkle section at my Etsy store. http://www.heartspace.etsy.com

I just need one more follower to reach 100.

And that would be a milestone, wouldn't it?

Have a great day and take good care of your heart.

You only get one, and even if you receive a transplant - you only get one at a time.


from Clarita

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bruce Lee Said "Be Like Water; See with Your Skin"

"Be like water," Bruce Lee said, "see with your skin."
Be like water, I imagine, flow around obstructions.
Be like water; refresh, then go your way.
Be like water: shimmering, gentle, powerful, awe-inspiring.

Every time I look at this necklace I think of water,
of the sea, of water's ability to move without effort,
of water's ability to change color to mirror the sky.

This abalone pendant catches the dance of water,
it's music, both gentle and strong.

Water has moods, without moodiness.
Water replenishes perfectly.
Water is a treasure we take for granted.

This necklace could be a talisman to remind one of several things:
to protect one's resources, and to protect the Earth,
to flow without effort, without stress around difficulty,
to shine and move as you are intended,
and to be like water.
[Click here to see necklace on Etsy.]

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Do You Consider Quality Over Quantity?

When you have to stretch your dollars, it's tempting to choose quantity over quality.  

 Leave a comment below and let me know your answers to one or more of the following questions. 

1. Are you looking for quality materials and craftwork?

2. Are you looking for something totally unique, or do you prefer something that resembles what you've already seen?

3. Do you care where the materials come from and how they were derived? 

4. Is price your primary concern, over everything else?