Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 Jewelry Trends

This busy bespectacled elf is working on the latest trends for women's jewelry fashion in 2011. I thought some of you would like a preview of what will be hot in 2011.

For a fraction of the cost of high-end designer jewelry in department stores, you can purchase non-sweatshop handmade (by me) jewelry from Heart Space's Etsy Shop. 

Last year's wardrobe, with the addition of affordable jeweled accessories, will not only draw color, light and fancy to your best features, but will automatically update your look.

Here are some up-to-the minute trends:

-Massive, Dramatic and Heavy Metals

Look for contemporary designs, sleek geometric shapes, and large chunky stones. Very big this year in the world of artisan jewelry: COPPER!

- Antique, Vintage, Retro & New Combinations

Delicate vintage beads layered on with chains and pendants - more is better. Tall or large-framed women can wear delicate styles when impact is increased by layering accessories. 

- Dramatic, unique, unusual necklaces

Almost any keepsake or talisman can be put into a locket or designed into jewelry. Contact Claire, the Heart Space artisan for custom jewelry designed to express your unique style, to your exact specifications.

- Eclectic Natural Look
Wooden beads, pressed flowers in lockets or pendants, shells, semi-precious stones, seeds - reflecting the beauty of the earth!

- Crystal, Rhinestone & Venetian Art Glass
Many of these originate from the fine artisans of Czechoslovakia. All create sparkle and dance with the light. Want to light up the night?  Choose rhinestones and crystals in colors that flatter your complexion, hair and eyes.

- Neutrals
Classic creamy pearls, topaz, black onyx, amber, agate, almost every stone comes in a neutral color that you can wear day after day, and wear as your signature jewelry.

 - Real Pearls

Pearls come in colors to flatter every coloring - every size from giant globes, to minute seed pearls. They glow warmly against a woman's skin.  Fresh water pearls are especially affordable now. I love knotting pearls by hand - it's like prayer - very meditative.

- Enormous Hoops and Chandelier Earrings

These are so fun. Watch for an inexpensive line of handmade danglers coming soon to HeartSpace. 

-Green Eco Aware Movement

Look like an earth mother - with new awareness of mother earth.
HeartSpace researches the origin of her materials. I recycle beautiful, old beads and materials I find at estate sales and curio shops.