Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lonely Hearts Scavenger Hunt Begins Now!

You could win the lonely valentine heart necklace above, if you can find the answers to each day's question in my Etsy Store.  It's a scavenger hunt of sorts, but not too hard.  Here's how it works.  
  1. There will be six questions, one per day; the last one's on Friday.  The clues refer to descriptions of items in my Etsy Store.  You can find the answers in the descriptions. Remember to check both pages of the store.
  2. Each of the questions have a clue as to which posting might include the answer. 
  3. Each evening until Friday, I will be posting a question and--you can leave the answer in the comments to that posting on this blog.
  4.  On Saturday I will be selecting a winner from whomever comments first with the answer to the very last question (provided he or she also gave the right answers to the other questions). 
  5. GOOD LUCK. If you have any questions, post them today as comments.  If two people comment simultaneously I will look back to see who commented first on previous postings.
  6. FIRST QUESTION: This one is easy. I'm leaving a clue.  A clue: in spring a little bird paints hers bright sky blue.  This item is sadly unhearted and I can't understand why.  It is classic and timeless and would look as good with a little black dress as it would with a sweater and jeans. Which item is it?
  7. <-----There's  a link to my Etsy Store on this blog...Happy hunting!


  1. Chrisy and Alpha, I edited this posting and lost your comments! Hope you'll still play! Glad you hadn't left your guesses....

  2. Chrisy and sure to post your comments tomorrow as soon as you can...

  3. It's the "Robin's Egg Blue" Necklace Set.

  4. Hi Jen, thanks for playing! I'll let everyone know tonight if Jen's got it sure to post your answer, even if it's the same as Jen's, because you must have all 6 to win!
    Happy Day,

  5. um robins egg blue necklace....she says running in puffing...

  6. Jen and Chrisy both are correct!


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