Monday, February 16, 2009

Lonely Hearts Clue and Question #2

Cheap wine, a favorite on Skid Row, had a little jingle vintage 1960's: "How's it sold/Good and cold/What's the jive?/Bird's Alive." It's between 13 & 18% alcohol by volume, made by Gallo, and is responsible for a lot of public drunkenness.  Sadly, this wine's name name was taken from the great totems of Native American origin.

What's the wine called?  And which item features this totem? There's an extra clue if you read the first line of this post very carefully. Post your answers to the question on this post and the one below.  If you are the first one to post the correct answer to the last question and have posted the answer to each day's question you're the winner!

Good luck!


  1. hey honey not ignorin u but just flat chat with bushfire appeal stuff...will come back later in the week if i can...

  2. The wine is called "Thunderbird" (they had another called Night Train).

    I say it's this Vintage Fetish Necklace (my mom collected Zuni Festishes so I kinda know stuff) and the Thunderbird is the one in the picture.

  3. Um yeah...what jennifer said...

  4. Jennifer got there first with the right answer. Jennifer are you the same person as Jen?
    If so, Jen and Chrisy are neck and neck...(:


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