Friday, February 20, 2009

Contest Question # 5 & 6

Midnight tomorrow I will announce the winner: the one who posts the answers to 5 &6 first on the blog and has correctly answered all the previous questions.  

Here are the last two questions:

A.  Good mojo, I say she has it! Who is she and what item features her?

B.  This pendant, I describe that it looks like cherry candy.  Odd of me to say that, better check to make sure I'm right.

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! Wish you all could win...Hope it's been fun/
We'll have to do this again soon.


  1. a. Beaded Miraculous Medal
    b. Cherry Wine Valentine

  2. A. The Beaded Miraculous Medal with Mary and she's got the mojo.

    B. This was the only one I could find w/"Cherry Candy" in it, the Pink Heart Necklace:

  3. This was a sneaky one:
    I wanted to see who was reading the item descriptions!
    The prize pink heart necklace mentioned the cherry candy, not the cherry wine valentine. Jen and Chrisy both got A. right, but JEN IS THE WINNER WITH THE RIGHT ANSWER ON BOTH.

    You've both been such loyal players, I'd like to reward you both:
    JEN wins the Pink Heart necklace (Please convo me with your address, etc. so I can send the necklace to you.)

    Chrisy, I'd like to award you with a "coupon" for $5.00 off any of the items in my shop, except the custom altars.

    Happy Day to all of you from Claire's Heartspace and thanks for playing!


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