Thursday, August 13, 2009

How to Make Blackberry Pie: Part One

Kneading the dough

Rolling pie dough between sheets of wax paper

The dough sticks to wax paper and is easy to transfer to pie pan.

Waiting for the lid.

Fluting the crusts together

Good idea to cut a vent

¡Esto es!  See my recipe in posting below. 


  1. Yummo! My mom and I used to make all kinds of berry pies ( I picked the berries, she made the pie, we both ate it!) She was NOT a good crust maker though! ( bought the store ready crusts!)

  2. Excellent tip about rolling the pastry between waxed paper, it makes ife much easier. I've also used cling film (not sure what you *colonials* call that?)


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