Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Little Mermaid Surfaces in High Summer

or La Serenita:
The Sea Goddess of South America

Mermaid Necklace, by Clarita
for Heartspace

The clear and darker aquamarine stones in this
necklace catch the light and pool cool oceanic color.  Notice the 
silvery dolphin the mermaid rides and the little gold stars.
I found this onyx, hand-painted in Ukraine pendant 
in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

One of my favorite mythical creatures is the mermaid.  I love the thought of a beautiful sea creature: half-human and half-fish.  The iridescent scales, the comb of shell and the hair that floats like seaweed atop the water.  The story of a mermaid will always enchant me, whether Disney or something more numinous, such as The Secret of Roan Inish, or the Silkie of Shule Skerry.

In Hispanic cultures, the mermaid is a sea goddess: La Serenita, often pictured in a floaty white dress with a star on her forehead and instead of long golden hair, Serenita's locks are as black as the night. This South American goddess is descended from the African goddess Yemaya.  

The sixteen-inch mermaid necklace I created for my Heartspace Etsy store consists of a Ukrainian pendant painted on semi-precious onyx, with what must have been a minute paint brush.  The pendant is an one inch by one half inch faceted oval.  The necklace itself is of onyx, fresh-water Aegean blue pearls, aquamarine faceted rondelles, gold-plated beads, aquamarine chips and lovely Japanese seed beads, like opalescent water droplets.  The clasp is gold-filled. A truly winsome bit of fancy.


  1. I love mermaids!! Beautiful! Guess what?? You've got an award from me! It's called: Amiga de La Red and you are welcome to it anytime!



  2. Hello,

    I just joined your blog, and wanted to say that I love your work. I love the Virgencitas and the mermaids, so beautiful.

  3. Ericka,
    Thank you for admiring the virgencitas. I am a fan of your blog also. So we are a mutual admiration society. Perhaps someday we can make a trade. I am so interested in curanderísmo. I have studied and worked with a curandero in researching my novel.

  4. Hooray, The Mermaid necklace has a new home in the
    Southern Hemisphere!

    She will be flying there shortly in her little packet, decorated with gold tissue paper and an antique butterfly decal.


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