Monday, July 13, 2009

You Are What You Love

Clarita loves the color robin's egg blue. 
What do you love?

Today I recommend a new form of shopping that costs absolutely nothing.  It occurred to me while contemplating how people who shop on Etsy leave virtual "hearts" at their favorite Etsy stores, or give to items that catch their fancy. Maybe an Etsy shopper never buys that thing, but just having "hearted" it, they've made it a part of their Favorites Section on their Etsy site. It's a way you can come to know a person on Etsy, by what favorites they display.  Some people keep their Etsy hearts secret from all others, but many are so proud of their favorites that they announce them on blogs or on Twitter.  Maybe this is a metaphor for a very valuable spiritual and creative exercise: listing your favorite things in some tangible form.

First, spend a few moments with your Heart's Longing, what you'd love to see around you, or how you would like things in your life to be.  Then imagine that you have left a bit of your heart at the place where those beloved nouns are sold, or appear, or congregate, just as an Etsy shopper might.

Finally, create a book, either real or imaginary where you might store images or words that represent those nouns, or even some verbs, if what you love is an action word.  Now imagine that this book has a photo of you on the cover.  All these qualities, things, experiences, etc. are part of what you store in your heart.  You might title that book: My Heart's Desires.  

Such intentionality might actually help you obtain some of these desires.  I intend to make such a book this summer and keep it in a sacred place.  Can you list at least a hundred things you love? I guarantee that just doing this will lift your spirits. 

What do you cherish in your Heart Space? Please leave a comment with one favorite thing you love.  It doesn't have to be anything fancy or ponderous: just what first comes to mind!

Wishing you every happiness,


  1. My heart space: learning about life and myself.Undoing years of conditioning,evolving.
    Not taking life way to anally.
    love,laugh and cry.
    Thanks for your wonderful post.

  2. I love handmade soap!! Hubby says I'm addicted. This is my favorite soap shop:

    I've have many of her soaps, lotions, body butters, lip balms - you name it!

  3. Then Audrey, you are CLEAN down to your sweet, soap-loving heart! I'll have to check out the link!

  4. Velvetwoods,
    First of all, I love your name. Secondly, I applaud the cleansing and decoration of your heartspace! Hooray for you: living with intention!

  5. "Maybe an Etsy shopper never buys that thing, but just having "hearted" it, they've made it a part of their Favorites Section on their Etsy site."

    I do that, too! ROTFLOL! I tell myself I'm going to buy them and then I don't and they're gone.

  6. This really got me thinking, I have so many journals in which I write down things I love or draw pictures in, wishes of things to make part of my life. I love to go back to my journals of 10 years ago and see if my heart still longs for the same thing. Nice job.

  7. Amy, journaling is a source of such richness. Yet, I rarely go back and read mine. You've inspired me to find them and give them a little look. Thanks for visiting the heartspace!

  8. Hi Claire, I feature one thing that I love, every day on my blog...


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