Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Audrey Necklace: Wondrous Citrine

This is my latest posting in my etsy store (link at left).  I call it the Audrey Necklace because it evokes the 1960's style of the elegant actress, Audrey Hepburn.  It is reminiscent of a necklace Audrey wore in the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's.  I was aiming to create something classic and natural enough to go through an entire day: from breakfast (at Tiffany's?) to that nightcap on your penthouse balcony.  Okay, you don't have a penthouse, but wouldn't these stones catch the sunlight on the way to work?  Wouldn't they brighten up that tired black linen suit?

The longest strand of this necklace is approximately 19 inches long and the shorter strand about 17 inches.  But the most interesting facts about this necklace are the stones, gorgeous citrine, which has a topaz-like glow and a wonderful LORE about its supposed properties.  

LORE: Citrine emits such positive energy, it is said to never need cleaning to remove negative vibes, as some stones do.  It's the recommended gift stone for Virgos and your 13th and 17th anniversaries. The joyful golden color of citrine probably inspired the lore that it's the Success Stone, which brings good fortune in unexpected ways.  If a long lost uncle dies and leaves you a million dollars, or the old poetry notebook you threw away falls into the hands of an enthusiastic editor who searches you down to publish it, you might be wearing citrine!  

Those who believe in the healing powers of stones say citrine helps the heart, kidneys, muscles and promotes mental clarity, as well as heightening sex appeal. Hmmm, all that abundance, AND it eliminates any self-destructive tendencies you might have picked up on the way to the bank.  

I don't have anyway of proving all the lore, but the rich golden color of the citrine makes me happy just to wear it.  The sunlight moves through them and spills out golden rays.  More gold than yellow, they look good anyone who can carry off gold jewelry.  

The Audrey necklace is one of my favorites so far, and it available for $50, from my Heartspace etsy store.  Just click on the etsy store link at the left and check out my new summer jewelry. 


  1. When I was a kid in the 1970s, I remember my mom keeping these types of necklaces. I always would try them on and they always fascinated me. You are right, they do remind us of the long-lost glamour of stars like Audrey. These days you may catch a glimpse of it during the red carpet events and that's it. It's beautiful, Clarita! One day I will be able to afford it and I shall wear it proudly! :)

  2. Heidi,
    Hola, amiga!
    Thank you. One of the pleasures of making things, is imagining who might wear it. I hope when I do sell this necklace, it's to someone like you who really appreciates the Audrey mystique. May your circumstances improve, not for buying necklaces, but just because.

  3. You picked a great name for your necklace!! Have you thought of putting an etsy mini on your sidebar?

  4. Claire, that's a beautiful necklace!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I put up some more photos from the Lost River Gorge. I think you visited before I had them all uploaded (I was tweaking stuff).

    Have a great day!

  5. Gorgeous necklace...I love Citrine, such a beautiful stone and you did it justice:)
    Great blog!!

  6. It's a beautiful name for a gorgeous necklace!


  7. Thank you, Deb and all the others who've commented. I am so glad Audrey is so photogenic (: I have to get the hang of photographing, but I think my photos are improving.

  8. Oh, love the necklace! Definitely 60's esque!

  9. Thank you, Grace,
    I just sold this one! I definitely am going to make more 60's style necklaces, with semi-precious stones. I love them, too!


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