Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saint Valentine's Day

St. Valentine certainly existed in Imperial Rome during the days of the Christian martyrs, but no one knows exactly why he's the namesake of the February holiday, other than his martyrdom on February 14.  

Long having lost its association with the saint, Valentines Day bears little trace of this Christian martyr, beyond the traditional depiction of of the Valentine heart with an arrow through it.  He may have been martyred by a piercing of the heart!  Before his death, matters of the heart were a major concern for Valentine.

The story is that St. Valentine married Christian couples at a time when the Romans forbid this.  This may have something to do with him being the partron saint of engaged couples, lovers, and happy marriages.  

While awaiting his execution in Rome, St. Valentine is storied to have befriended his jailer's blind daughter, and finally restoring her sight.  Legend has it, he penned her a note on the eve of his death, saying, "Farewell, from your Valentine."

I can find no connection with St. Valentine's story and the fact that he is the patron saint of beekeepers.  Maybe that's the source of the tradition of Valentine's Day sweets?

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Wishing you love and every happiness,


  1. This is interesting, Clarita. To me Valentine's Day has been a holiday I have not paid much attention to. However, that's about to change forever. My adorable puppy was born Feb. 14th!

    Though I am not Catholic, I always love hearing the stories of the saints. I had heard about what you mention of Valentine marrying couples in secret.


  2. Heidi,
    Thanks for your comment. I, too, love all traditional stories, whether or not they're Catholic, especially if they have something to do with holidays or cultures.

  3. The bees desperately need their St. Valentine now - they are all disappearing!!!!! could you say a little prayer for all the bees?

    Love and sparkly blessings!

    Kathy C.

  4. Yes,
    I will say a prayer for our sisters, the bees. I hear they have little mites that make them very sick. We need the dear bees, and so St. Valentine, we lift them to you, as your holiday approaches!


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