Monday, January 5, 2009


It's not easy being green.  This little heart pendant sat in my bead box ignored, until I thought about how important being green has finally become to the populace.  At last, we finally realize that the way we treat the earth has an affect on everything else.  This little heart could be a reminder to do one thing each hour that TAKES CARE OF THE GREEN PLANET. Ideas:
  1. Use a real mug instead of a disposable cup at work?
  2. Reuse that envelope to write a grocery list or phone message?
  3. Walk or take the bus somewhere instead of the car? Then you don't need the gym membership...
Send a Valentine to the Earth: reuse magazines, etc to collage a personal valentine to your friend or lover, and recycle the paper you don't use.

And when you're thinking of buying a Valentine gift, maybe bypass the mall and check out all the starving artists' work on etsy. I'd be honored if you checked out mine. There's a link on this page. THANKYOU.
(Please, scroll down to read about custom made altars.)


  1. Hi Clarita! Thanks so much for all that wonderful praise you left at my blog! I shall keep a close look at this new place of yours and see it grow! Best of luck to you! Felicidades y un abrazo!

  2. Hi Friends,
    Do you know you can click on the pictures under followers and see peoples' blogs? It's fun and much better for your brain than TV. My new reader, Heidi, who commented above is a writer with a very interesting blog that you may enjoy,

  3. Hi Claire,
    just wanted to say hello! I just read your blog profile...geez, we sure have quite a lot in common. Thank you for entering in my weekly contest! I will have a winner posted on the blog this Sunday on 1/11/09...good luck!! Also, I love your new heart necklaces!


  4. Hi Claire, it's me again! I nominated you for an award and it includes a meMe in Spanish I called "El Vampirito." Feel free to check it out @ my blog! Abrazos!


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