Sunday, October 24, 2010

October Orange

Even those who turn up their noses at this dynamic and joyful color are known to use orange to decorate for Halloween. We gather bright sprays of autumn leaves to celebrate the changing seasons.  The hills and hedgerows seem lit on fire. Orange is not a timid color.  Orange is warmly dynamic.

Yet there is a range of glorious orange, from the soft blush of peach to the bright joy of tomato red-orange.  Almost everyone can find an orange to flatter their coloring, or to brighten up a spot in their home or garden. 

Orange shoes, handbags, and jewelry accents are making a resurgence. They can warm this fall's gray fashions with sophisticated whimsy. A splash of orange highlights your playful side.

The color orange is joyful, creative. In interiors, subtler tones of this color are said to encourage conversation, fellowship, and interaction.  Orange is a great accent when used with complimentary blues and blue-violets. Think of a field of poppies underneath a blue California sky.

Here are some delightful examples of orange in full glory.

Orange just glows! Couldn't have Halloween without it.
Against this drab gray background, these peaches are a study in soft contrast.
Nothing more brilliant than a glistening tomato. . .
. . .unless it's an autumn maple against a blue sky.

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  1. I love orange, in fact I just happen to have a Reese's PB Cup wrapper sitting nearby. ; )


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