Sunday, July 11, 2010

Waiting for the Cosmic Egg to Hatch

I'm working on a new project for an artist friend in exchange for a beautiful painting.  This is a painting which I have permission to use as the cover for my up-coming novel which will publish before Christmas. 

(Watch for information here regarding this novel: Saint Sullivan's Daughter.)

The new project is a secret right now, as it will be a surprise for my friend.  Let us just say these few hints.  It involves the moon, the color blue, stardust, and a bee.

That and the beautiful inspirational image (you'll find below) - an illumination from Hildegarde, who lived from 1098-1179: visionary, writer, artist and composer.  And like so many gifted European women of her time, a Catholic monastic.

Have a great week!  I'll be publishing a photo of the altar sculpture as soon as it's done.

The Cosmic Egg by Hildegarde of Bingen


  1. By the way, Claire, I keep meaning to point out to you. It seems like a lot of people have successfully podcasted their novels, distributed them widely for free and used that to build readership and then either used those readers- or listeners, rather - to convince a traditional publisher to pick them up or simply used it as a method for actually selling print copies. I have absolutely NO IDEA if that would be a good option for you, but it's been hanging around in the back of my mind for a while.


  2. Hi Joy,
    Thanks for your idea! I am still mulling how or if exactly I will make my work available to the public for free. We can talk about this sometime, as I am sure you have many good ideas. After years of work, I want to protect my work to some degree. I wonder if that's bourgeois of me?


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