Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The winner is . . .

To all who entered the contest: Thank you for commenting, following, and trying something new. 

The lucky winner is Kim, who wins her choice of  HeartSpace jewelry, 20 dollars or under.  If you didn't win, please read on - there's something in it for you.

I want to offer a second, consolation prize to whomever commented on this post (original posters in the give-away - I have your names, dearies!).

Anyone who originally posted a comment here is eligible to buy anything in my HeartSpace Etsy store for 25% off the listed price.  

Let me know what you want, BEFORE you order on Etsy, and I will lower the listing price and reserve the item for you.  

To take a look at what's available, click here http://www.heartspace.etsy.com 

This offer only applies to those who commented on the June 2 blog post.  

Wishing you every happiness,
Love from Heart Space


  1. I can't believe I won! Woohoo!!! =)
    I pick the abalone shell earrings. They're so pretty!

  2. congratz on the win :)

    I am definitely trying out that recipe - I love tortillas (lol both types) especially a nice homemade one.


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