Thursday, November 26, 2009


Due to the untimely demise of my hard drive, I've been invisible in the blogosphere of late.  The computer was still on the warrantee, I managed to save my photos and my two novels, so I have much for which to be grateful.

One event I am grateful for is my first Open Studio November 13.  It was fun and pretty successful.  I built a merry fire and served tea, persimmon cookies and scones, with the hope of making it more of a party than a marketing venture. I didn't want anyone I invited to feel obligated to buy anything, but to feel free to browse at my work and enjoy the refreshments and atmosphere.  I hope they all had fun.

I must create a larger sphere of fans locally in order to really have a knock-down-drag-out open studio, but this was a practice attempt at introducing my fledging business, showing some of my altars and installment art, as well as the jewelry which with more people are familiar.

Last December I started my Heart Space store on Etsy and have made 9 sales online. Much more sales have been to people who have met me and have seen the work in person.  I am hopeful that I can keep increasing the quality and style of my work, and sales will continue to increase online as well.

There is so much for which to be thankful.  I am grateful for my friends, customers, blog followers, and everyone who has supported my creative ventures. My husband has found work (after nearly a year of unemployment) this month, which is a huge relief to us both.  This year taught us much- especially how strong and resourceful we can be.  But we couldn't have survived without those who helped.

The provisions and kindnesses that have sustained us this year have been so many.  I hope you all will give and receive the same to whomever you may.  Life is indeed too short to be lonely, hungry or sad; let us all share good things with each other.

(P.S. - the grandmother in the Norman Rockwell picture at the top, always reminded me of my own - and though N.R. is not by any means my favorite, images like this never fail to make me smile.)

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