Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Etsy Going to the Dogs? May be, but it's a good thing!

Beautiful hemp items available at Earth Moon Beam's Etsy Store and website.
This dog looks so proud in her handsome Celtic collar.
And the prices are reasonable, too.

Hi Etsy Fanatics,

Have you found everything you needed on Etsy, the premier site for artisan made items?  Well, maybe not everything for your pet, eh? These handsome Hippie dogs in spiffy handmade hemp collars delight me.  

The collars and leashes should last forever and be a lot more comfortable than a lot of the collars around, especially more comfortable than those choke chains.  You can custom order a collar and have your dogs name beaded into the macrame design.  Check out Earth Moonbeams art while you're there.  What a versatile artist!

Amazing: all the beautiful things at Earth Moon Beam's groovy store!

That's all for today,
Your roving reporter, 
Clarita de Heartspace

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